Botox / Dysport 

What is    Dysport?

Dysport is an injectable neuromuscular blocking agent also called Botulinum Toxin and is very similar to Botox.  It temporarily improves the look of moderate to severe frown lines in a natural looking way.

Why receive Dysport treatment at the Dental office?

There are two reasons to receive Dysport treatment specifically at Nisqually Reach Family Dentistry.  The first is convenience. Botox treatments usually last close to 6 months, which is the same interval you need to  receive dental cleanings.  You can save yourself a trip and have it done all in one appointment.  The second reason to receive Dysport treatment at the Nisqually Reach Family Dentistry is expertise.  Dr. Wood is an expert at administering Dysport and as part of her dental education received intensive studies of the musculature and physiology of the face, head and neck structures.  By scheduling your Dysport treatment you can save time and ensure you receive amazing results.  So book an appointment with us today!

What to expect during treatment with Dysport

Treatment with Dysport for fine lines is a simple in-office procedure that doesn’t require sedation and is nearly painless. The treatment area is prepped with an alcohol wipe and topical anesthetic.  Then the injection is done with a sterile vile.  The injections usually feel like a very small, light pinch.  Once treatment is completed, there may be some soreness, redness, or tenderness around the attended areas for a short period of time.

Botox or dysport facts

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Dysport or Botox before and After